System Overview

System Composition
The flight deck consists mainly of the following hardware and software components

Visual System
The visual system provides a 135 degree FOV, consisting of a 3 BQ MX613ST projectors, a Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital, graphics adapter 8800GTX, Immersive Display Lite 2, and 3 projection screens.

Glareshield Panels
The glareshield panel contains the following components: MCP (
Mode Control Panel) and EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System), and the Master Caution System.

Forward Panels
The forward panels are divided in 3 sections: Left Forward Captain, Right Forward First Officer, and Center Forward. The main software package behind the scenes is the B737 suite from Project Magenta, but also other utilities have been integrated in order to achieve the best possible system functionality.

Control Column / Yoke
The current yoke system consists of two yokes from
CH Products, mounted on fixed columns. This is definitely only a temporary solution. Some day I will migrate to real control column.

Forward Aisle Stand
The forward aisle stand holds the lower EICAS (
Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System) display unit and two CDU's (Control and Display Unit).

Control Stand
The control stand, also known as
throttle quadrant, with some secondary flight controls, thrust levers, and parking brake.

AFT Electronic Panel
The AFT electronic panel, also known as pedestal, consists mainly of radios for communication, navigation, aircraft identification (Transponder), rudder and aileron trim, and master and cargo fire control.

FWD Overhead
The FWD overhead is by far the most complex sub-system of the flight deck. It consists of much more than 100 switches and annunciator lights. Only to name some of the OH panels: Fuel Panel, AC and DC Metering Panel, Generator Drive and Standby Power Panel, Ground Power and Bus Switching Panel, APU, Probe Heat Panel, Air Conditioning and Pressurization Panels, and Hydraulic Panel.

Most of the switches and lights are controlled by pmSystems, with a comprehensive SIOC script as interface between hardware and pmSystems. Some additional functions have been added with additional SIOC scripts and add-on software.

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Last Change: August 2011