Control Stand

The B737 control stand (commonly referred as throttle quadrant, TQ) provides the following controls:

- Manual and Electric Trim
- Speed Brakes
- Parking Brake System
- Thrust Levers
- Reverse Thrust
- Start Levers
- Auto Throttles and TO / GA
- Flaps
- Gear Warnings and Cutout

The TQ is the most mechanically stressed component of the flight deck and certainly has not an endless life time. My personal opinion, therefore, is that the life time of a TQ in this price segment will not exceed 800 - 1.000 operating hours. Therefore budget should be calculated for a replacement in periods of 4-5 years.

Current Set-up
I started with a control stand from Cockpitsonic. This was probably the best choices for the money at this time. However, as time went by, the TQ did not meet my demands anymore and I bought a new TQ. This time from Revolution Simproducts. The set-up was not easy, due to some technical and quality issues, but all problems have been solved to my complete satisfaction. The only thing which could be better is the arming position of the speed brake. It is not possible to operate it blind, the speedbrake lever needs a very exact positioning at the indicator. This is difficult in situations where the aircraft operation needs full situational awareness.

Control stand from Revolution Simproducts. Works absolutely reliable for more than a year now. The finishing of the visible components is excellent.

The version as I have, is interfaced via a Opencockpits motor controller card and a joystick card. The SIOC script runs on the FS server.

The integration of the TQ was not very difficult but definitely far away from plug-and-play. Of course this might have changed since then.

The TQ needs a 230V AC power supply for a 12V DC adapter. I have pluged the adapter to the Multi-outlet power strips with 230V AC switched. Hence, the TQ gets only power with the OH battery switch in its ON-position. For more information click 'here'.

The backlit control wires are connected to a relay contact which closes with Background Light Control 'ON'.

The main functions of the TQ are controlled by a SIOC script. The IOCP server for the script is running on the FS server. Some additional configurations, e.g. parking brake, fuel valves, needs to be set in FSUIPC.

Revolution Simproducts:


Last Change: August 2011