Current Images

B737 flight deck with 3 projector setup Fully assembled B737 flight deck. Ready for take-off
Current development stage front panels Light test front panels
CDU's and lower EICAS with secondary engine indications AES remote application
IVAO online situation Instructor station with software by Luis Gordo


Images taken during the construction phase

Final test of lights, annunciators and Project Magenta glass cockpit Another test was performed with different ambient light
Electronic compartment with Open Cockpits mastercard. Meanwhile the master card has been replaced by PoKeys56E interface boards Power distribution part of the electronic compartment in an early building phase
Pedestal for AFT electronic with Open Cockpits Mastercard and Display II cards Image taken while testing the annunciators and the panel back lit. The panels were purchased from Cockpitsonic
Overhead at the very beginning.... 3 month later, ready for operation
Overhead with OpenCockpits master boards Overhead with solenoids for engine start switches
Throttle quardrant from Revolution Simproducts. Very well manufactured and pretty good in functionallity Revolution Simproducts throttle quardrant integrated in flight deck and ready for operations.
Dual Concentric Rot-Enc units for N1 Set and SPD REF mounted on DIY acrylic glass support. Concentric Rot-Enc unit attached on the rear side of the center front panels. Manufacturer: Sismo Soluciones
Front panel view N1 Set and SPD REF selectors Brake pressure gauge. Manufacturer: Sismo Soluciones
Autobrake panel. Flap gauge indicator from Cockpitsonic Board with LED's for annunciator. LED lenses have been flattened for greater scattering angle


Scenery and inflight images

Boarding completed at Bremen Airport, EDDW Appoaching Cologne airport, EDDK
Arriving at position, Krakau-Balice airport, EPKK Approaching Hongkong Kai Tak
Successfully landed in Hongkong Kai Tak Arriving at position at Palermo, LIBD
Ready for take-off in Nuremberg, EDDN Deboarding in Stansted, EGGS


Last Change: September 13, 2012