Forward Panels

The panels, controls, and indicators shown in this chapter are representative of installed units and software at my B737 flight simulator and may not exactly match real aircraft configuration.

The forward panels (also refered as MIP) are subdivided in:

- Left Forward Captain
- Right Forward First Officer
- Center Forward

MIP = Main Instrument Panel

Display Units
I have arranged the display units of the forward panels as follows:

Display unit configuration for CAPT, FO display units, and EICAS display

Both 21" monitors are connected to a  dual head GeForce 7800 GT (PFD_ND computer). The upper EICAS and the standby instruments are displayed on a 15" display. The PM_SYS computer is equipted with a 7800 GT as well.

Left Forward Captain
The forward panels are sub divided in the left panel (Captain side), right panel (First Officer side) and center panel.

The following features are implemented:

  Left Panel Functions Implemented Remarks
1 DU Selectors

- Main panel DU's

- Lower DU


Implemented close to real functionality according to B737 FCOM
2 AFDS panel

- Autopilot (A/P) Disengage light

- Autothrottle (A/T) Disengage light

- Disengage Light Test switch





Functionality added as real as it gets. Processed by FSSymphony

AFDS panel from Sismo Soluciones
3 - Master Lights Test and Dim switch x
Lights Test is implemented for forward panels and SIXPACK

Dim function for forward panels only
4  - Brightness control of captain’s
   panel, center  instrument panel, and
   AFDS panel displays
Implemented with a PWM dimmer, controlled by FSSymphony and PoKeys56E
5 - Inboard display unit brightness

- Outboard display unit brightness

- Upper display unit brightness

- Lower Display unit brightness

- Weather radar and terrain display
  brightness on inboard display unit

- Weather radar and terrain display
  brightness on the lower display unit







Potentiometers are processed via analog inputs of PoKeys56E and FSSymphony

All listed functions are controlled by FSSymphony and PoKeys56E. Project Magenta required.

AFDS Panel
Recently the AFDS panels were replaced by more functional components from the Spanish supplier Sismo Soluciones. The new ADFS panels have bi color indicators (red and amber) for A/P PRST and A/T PRST. The finishing of the panels is very professional and a visual enhancement of the left and right front panels. The only thing I have to complain is, that I got a version with an incorrect type of the test switch. The test switches mounted on the Sismo panels have two steady position for Test 1 / 2. In real life the switches are spring–loaded to center position.

AFDS panel, manufactor: Sismo Soluciones

Sismo has two different versions of the AFDS panel in their shop. I got the ASA V1 panel. V2 seems only be compatible with their own interface solutions. After I got the correct schematics for the panel the wiring was easy but requires some attention to the way the color of the indicators is controlled. I solved that with a special implementation in FSSymphony. For details see FSSymphony User's manual. Click 'here' to download the manual.

AFDS panel, test 2 selected

Update February 17, 2013:
Meanwhile I received free of charge two new AFDS (ASA) panels from Sismo Soluciones. The new version is equipped with the correct spring loaded switches as seen in a real B737. Sismo was very engaged to solve the problem with the first ASA version. After this good experience regarding their service I will certainly buy more products from them in the future.

Link: Sismo Soluciones

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Last Change: February 17, 2013