Glareshield Panel


The B737 glareshield panel consists of the following main components:

- Captian and First Officer EFIS
- Master Caution System (six pack, master caution push button, master FIRE WARN
   lights, recall, FSPS SIXPACK SYSTEM)

The EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System) is mainly used to set the options of the ND (Navigation Display) and the PFD (Primary Flight Display). The MCP (Mode Control Panel) is an interface between the pilot and the autopilot and serves a crucial role in monitoring and adjusting the autopilot while en route.

As MCP I use the RS232 version from CPflight. The module is connected to the serial communication port of the Flight Management Computer. The EFIS is connected via a 5pol. cable to the MCP. Unfortunately I cannot upgrade to the full scale version of the MCP because this would require a complete new glare shield. As all products from cpFlight the MCP works very reliable. Only once I had a problem with the heading encoder. I wrote a mail to CPflight and 3 days later a got a new encoder plus one additional spare encoder, both free of charge. This is a what I call customer excellence!

Glareshield panel with EFIS and MCP. Both are from CPflight. On the top of the glareshield the B737 Quick Reference Handbook (QRH).

The Flight Management Computer (FMC) is located inside the electronic compartment.

Six Pack / Master Caution System
I use an add-on software from FSPS to control the six pack. The package is called 'FSPS SIXPACK SYSTEM' and fits perfectly together with the fire panel software from the same publisher. The disadvantage of the program is that it requires some changes in the PM 737 logic file.

Six Pack hardware from FDS, Canada. Probably not the latest model they have on sale. I bought it some years ago.

The recall function is achieved with a little longer actuation of the MASTER CAUTION pushbutton. Processing by 'FSPS SIXPACK SYSTEM'. After engine start, the master caution system alerts the crew to warnings or cautions away from the normal field of view.

Overview of the glare panel components and its Interfacing              

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