Forward Aisle Stand

At the B737 Forward Aisle Stand the lower EICAS display unit and the CDU's are located.

Forward Aisle Stand. The CDU monitors are 5.6" 4:3 LCD screens (from Sony PS1).

The lower EICAS is used for secondary engine indications. In a real B737 aircraft the lower EICAS gets active with:

- the displays initially receive electrical power
- in flight when an engine start lever is moved to CUTOFF
- in flight when an engine N2 RPM is below idle
- a secondary engine parameter is exceeded.

At my flight deck the secondary engine indications are always displayed, not according to the logic shown above. The implementation of the real function has currently not a high priority on my to-do list. But will be implemented some day.

The secondary indications are:

N2, fuel flow, oil pressure, oil temperature, oil quantity, and engine vibration

Hardware wise the lower EICAS in my flight deck consists of a 10" portrait wise installed 4:3 VGA monitor, connected to the PM_SYS computer.

EICAS = Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System

The CDU's are the pilot's interface to the Flight Management System. The FMS provides the crew with navigation and performance data. During preflight, all flight plan and performance related FMC CDU entries are made by one pilot and verfied by the other pilot (might not be the reality in a recreational flight simulator).

As CDU basis with the key matrix I use an older version from FDS. The monitor of the the first officer CDU is connected in parallel to video input of the captain's CDU. The keyboard of the FO CDU is not in operation, because the FMC PC does not except 2 keyboards.  For a full functional remote CDU an additional PC would be required, which is currently not planned.

CDU = Control Display Unit

Forward Aisle Stand: CDU and Lower EICAS configuration

The FMS computer is placed near the CDU inside electronic compartment behind the MIP. The reason for that was to avoid signal interference on a long video cable. For the CDU displays I use mondified 5.6" PSone LCD monitors.





Last Change: October 2011