Software Configuration

The software configuration of the flight deck is one of the challenging tasks for planning, integration, and maintenance over the life cycle. Many software packages and add-on tools are not tested regarding interoperability with other products. Therefore interoperability issues are very common and it is the art of integration to deal with this situations, finding workarounds, and tricky solutions. It is also possible that some software components may be compatible in one environment and incompatible in another setup. In order to find update related problems it is always advantage to know what has been changed in history. Therefore I have a maintenance log book with short notes of changes with date and comments.

Operating Systems
I use the following operating systems:

Computer Operating System
FS Server Windows 7
PM_SYS, PM_PFD_ND, PM_FMC, Notebook XP Professional

Software Packages and Add-On's
The software is installed on 5 different PC's and 1 Notebook. The communication takes place via TCP/IP and UDP. The interface to the offset range of Prepar3D and various add-ons is provided by FSUIPC. On application layer client computers are communicating via WideFS with FSUIPC.

Software Package / Add-On Description PC
Prepar3D, Lockheed Martin Corporation Basis software for the flight deck FS Server
Project Magenta 737 Suite B737 Suite  
  see separate listing
FSSymphony Input / output coordination and various extended tasks, brake pressure gauge ADMIN_PC for the time being
Immersive Display Lite 2 Compensation of image distortion (currently not used) - - - -
Revolution Simproducts SIOC Motorized 737 TQ FS Server
FSUIPC Universal interface between FS9 and  add-on software + system tweaking FS Server
WideFS Server Links FS utilities over a LAN FS Server
System B737 (Technical Service Richter) Autobrake, breake pressure gauge, and front wheel scrubbing, and more. Not used anymore. Replaced by functionality of FSSymphony - - - -
AES, Airport Enhancement Service Providing airport ground services. Currently not used due to incompatibility with Prepar3D FSServer
FS Recorder Recording and playback of flights. Tests with P3D are pending FS Server
Snapper For taking snapshoot FS Server
IVAO IvAp Network Interface Coordinating all the messages
between the different modules of IvAp
FS Server
Cockpitsonic B737.exe B737 Clock's, Flap Gauge FS Server
Input Director Mouse and keyboard management FS Server,
Admin PC
pmSounds Sound utility for event triggered sounds Admin PC, PM_SYS, PM_PFD_ND


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Last Change: February 12, 2013