Audio System

The setup of the flight deck audio system is an extremely important factor in achieving the best possible 'reality feeling' on the flight deck. It is not the full blast which makes the difference, it is more important to have the right situational sounds and a good loudness ratio. Together with the tactile sound system the imagination of flying an airplane gets perfect.

The audio system consists of 5 sub-systems, distributed on 4 PC's:

- Main system for the sounds from the FS9
- System announcements, e.g. aural warnings, and mechanical sounds
- First officer announcements, e.g. V1, rotate, transition altitude
- IVAO / IvAp voice communication (ATC sound)
- Mechanical sounds for the tactile sound system

For a description of the tactile sound system click 'here'.

Overview of the audio system, incl. the tactile sound system. Headset jacks are installed the captain’s and copilot’s side consoles. Individual speakers, installed on the platform are used to monitor the ATC.

.Click the icon to see the audio configuration full size.

Most of the sounds are event triggered, e.g. for flaps transition, speedbrakes, gear transition and some more. To manage that I have installed instances of pmSounds on 3 of the client computers. Each instance of pmSounds controls one specific group of sounds. pmSounds is very flexible and allows to enable / disable sounds just by 'clicking', as well as by script on offset changes.

Snapshot of the pmSounds user interface. Typically pmSounds runs minimized in
the WINDOWS system tray

Example for pmSounds soundlist.txt:

nsteeringsound, 5616, .3, 1, on
nbrakesound, 6DC1, .0, 1, on

- nsteeringsound (scrubbing effect) gets triggered with bit 3 of the offset 5616 on 1.
- nbrakesound gets triggered with bit 0 of the offset 6DC1 on 1.

Both offsets are not FS9 standard, but controlled by TSR B737 System utility. For the full soundlist.txt click 'here'.

Audio distributor for ATC (TeamSpeak) sound. The audio signals are distributed
to the headsets of the captain site, FO, and to the speakers on the platform.

In order to avoid interference on long audio lines the ATC USB sound device has been placed inside the electronic compartment. The output is distributed to the headsets and the platform speakers.

Further Development
Recently FSPS has launched their 'Real Cockpit Sound System' for FS9 and FSX. The description of the utility sounds very promising. As soon as I have time I will test the system. Stay tuned for the review.

Last Change: August 2011