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CFMU validation example for a flight from EGSS to EDSS

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If you want to dive very deep into to topic, you can check the RAD documentation of Eurocontrol and check the referred restriction ED2083A:


RAD excerpt ED2083A

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CFMU - Central Flow Management Unit

Performance Calculation
After evaluating some different tools for the weight and balance report, performance, and fuel calculation I got stuck with TOPCAT. For me TOPCAT is the most advanced program for Weight and Balance, Take-Off and Landing Performance calculation. In addition it does also a basic fuel calculation which is very close to the actual consumption.

Weight and Balance tab card of TOPCAT for a flight from Cologne (EDDK) to
London Gatwick (EGKK)

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TOPCAT calculates the ZFW by means of the dry operating weight (DOW), and payload. During flight preparation ZWF is entered by the pilot into the .PERF INIT page  of the CDU.

ZFW (Zero Fuel Weight)

Weather Information
The weather data (METAR and TAF) is gathered from Active Sky Evolution 'Current Weather Snap shot'. For more information about the setup --> click here. Aviation weather is discussed in detail 'here'.

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