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Palermo Airport Punta Raisi 2012
Freeware Scenery by Francesco Salsano, Thomas Lo Gerfo, Cecco Design
Version: 1.1
Flight Simulator: FS2004

About the Airport
Palermo Airport, also known as Falcone-Borsellino Airport and Punta Raisi Airport, is located at Punta Raisi, 19 NM west northwest of Palermo. The airport was given the name Falcone-Borsellino in memory of the two leading anti- mafia judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino who were murdered by the mafia in 1992. A 1.90-metre (6 ft 3 in) diameter plaque featuring their portraits can be found to the right of one the main outside entrance to the departure hall, set into a mosaic of Sicily.

The airport consists of a well-equipped, single terminal and two runways. The longest runway is 10912 feet, or 3326 meters long. The airport is served by 20 different airline companies, the largest of which is Wind Jet, with 28% of the airport destinations.

Soure: Wikipedia

The Punta Raisi Scenery
This FS2004 scenery is another nice freeware scenery of an italian airport. The designer team has developed this airport with much attention to detail. Many aiport specific vehicles and object are placed around the apron. Even their is no dynamic traffic on the apron, it gives the scenery a nice flair and the illusion of a busy airport.

Arriving parking position 203 at LICJ

The scenery has no photoreal ground textures. The compatibility with Palermo VFR by Mazzokan was not tested, according to the scenery authors. However, these are no points of criticism. The scenery is magnificent and a great present to the FS9 community.

The night textures are nicely made and can compete with payware sceneries

The scenery comes with an installer program, which copies the textures and scenery files to the FS9 "Addon Scenery" directory. The only step which remains is to add the scenery to the scenery library.

Promotion image provided by the designer team

Runway Layout and Approach Procedures
The airport has two runways (07/25, and 02/20) The length of the runway 07/25 is 3,326m, rwy 02/20 has a length of 2,074m. The runways 20 and 25 are both equipped with an ILS system. For runway 07 VOR approaches are possible.

The entry procedures are described in the Standard Instrument Arrival Chart (STAR) of the airport. As seen very often in south european countries many of the published approaches are based based on a VOR ARC.

Another nice promotion image provided by the designer team

Climatological information
The aerodrome frequently is affected by terrain-induced wind shear phenomena, mostly originated by winds having a 10-20 kt intensity and a 150°-270° direction at ground level and a higher than 15 kt intensity and SW direction at 1500 m.

I like the scenery very much and I would like to say 'thank you" to the designer team for their great work. With Palermo Punta Raisi 2012 I have got a new destination in south of Europe and it will be a pleasure to plan and to perform flights to that location.

The scenery is available for download at avsim and
search the file library for "Palermo Airport (LICJ) 2012 ver. 1.1"

Nice video on you tube, an Airbus330 landing at LICJ:

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