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Revolution Simproducts
The product portfolio of Revolution Simproducts developed over the years and more products seem to be in the pipeline. As Eren, the owner of RSP, told me the motorized yoke will be available in their online shop within the next few days. New at RSP is a plug&play cockpit solution, called JETSTREAM'. The solution comprises all components of a standard b737 cockpit, with no need of integration work by the customer. As software suite ProSim737 will be used. According to Eren, JETSTREAM will be available soon. The hardware configuration is flexible and can be adapted to the specific customer wishes.

Gallery of Revolution Simproducts b737 throttle quadrants

Revolution Simproducts: http://www.revolution-simproducts.com/Home.html

The company is based in Spain and offers a wide range of interfaces, instrument and front plates, as well as complete modules for cockpit builders. All parts seen at Lelystad were very well manufactured and of high quality.The interface communication is based on TCP/IP. No need of USB hubs and very fast on the communication layer. SISMO SOLUCIONES claims that they are compatible to all major cockpit builder software suites.

SISMO SOLUCIONES offers a wide variety of high quality B737 components and moduls

In order to start with the SISMO SOLUCIONES interface solution the SimCard Mother Board SC-MMB Ethernet is required. This board offers 64 Digital Inputs, 64 Digital Outputs, 32 outputs for 7 segment displays, and 5 Analog Inputs (Pots).

SISMO SOLUCIONES interface boards

Other modules of their product portfolio were also on display in Lelystad. I personally bought 2 pieces of the Dual Concentric Rotary-Encoder units. This unit is the perfect solution for the B737 N1 and SPD REF selectors.

SISMO SOLUCIONES: http://www.737ngsim.com/

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