Weather Data and Synthesis

IVAO Weather
Solely IvAp uses its own weather data. This is acceptable, because IvAp is not my main source for METAR and TAF information. Some tests have shown that ASE und IVAO do not differ so much regarding currentness of data. However, sometimes the ASE weather seems to be an hour behind the IVAO weather.

Weather Radar
The weather radar application SA_WXR_1.6 uses the FS9 weather data for the generation of the radar image. This closes the loop and even with using historical weather data the generated radar image reflects always the select weather scenario. For me this is a clear advantage compared with the satellite image used by pmGetWeather.

Weather radar picture taken 09-Sep-2011,
15:45Z, near

(Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather)
TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast)

3D Clouds
As a replacement for the standard FS2004 clouds I use the High Definition Environment - V2.0 from Pablo Diaz. The package is freeware and available at AVSIM. HDE is a photorealistic texture pack that will change the aspect of clouds (cumulus, stratus, and cirrus), sky color, aircraft reflections and ground details.

Promotion image of High Definition Environment - V2.0 from Pablo Diaz

AVSIM: (search for

REX REAL ENVIRONMENT XTREME would be a commercial alternative  to the freeware of Pablo Diaz. REX also improves other environmental textures, such as water, airport, and lighting.  








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