Software Configuration

WideFS Server / WideFS Client continued...
I use the WideFS
"RunReady" feature to get the programs on the clients started in a controlled way after the flight simulator software on the FS server is up and running. This requires only some entries in the WideClient initialization files (wideclient.ini).


RunReady1= C:\IOCards\SIOC\SIOC.exe
RunReady2= C:\PM_Sounds\pmsounds.exe

The example will start the SIOC.exe and the pmsounds.exe after the Prepar3D is up and running

Another nice feature is to shut down all client PC's after a hard day of virtual flying, just with a single key press. For this all you have to do is add the following statement to the user section of all related wideclient.ini files and wideserver.ini:


This will shut down all client PC's with terminating the FS Server. Alternatively a hotkey can be specified in the wideserver.ini file. I use Ctrl+Shift+E.




AES Remote
This small program provided from Aerosoft together with AES 210 and onwards. It provides a means to remote control AES from a client PC. This is a very useful feature for cockpit builders who do not like to have the AES dialog screen on the main display. Furthermore AES Remote has a dialog to set the sound level for ground vehicles, jetway, etc., and timers for deboarding, catering, and more.

AES Remote is running on the cockpit notebook. Communication to the main AES application on the FS server via TCP/IP stack. A WideFS client is not needed.

Unfortunately AES is not compatible to P3D and therefore currently not usable.

Snapper makes it really easy to make screenshots. When Snapper is running, every time you press the 'PrintScreen' button or another defined key (combination), it will save a JPG image of the screenshot to your hard disk, possibly with some enhancements, e.g. description of the current aircraft location on the bottom of the screenshot. Snapper seems not to be maintained anymore, but the program is still available for download on the Internet.

Picture taken with Snapper during ILS approach of RWY 32R, EDDK (Cologne, Germany), 1.873ft




Last Change: February 12, 2013