Software Configuration

Realistic fire panel and cargo panel simulation. It replaces the Project Magenta fire panel functions but can also run stand-alone without PM. The disadvantage is that the software requires some changes in the PM 737 logic file, which are not dramatically, but this has to be done with each new release of pmSystems again.

simMarket:, search for FSPS

Cockpitsonic B737.exe
Driver software for Cockpitsonic devices. In my current setup the driver controls the flap gauge and the B737 clocks.

pmSounds is distributed by Project Magenta for free. The program monitors the status of pre-defined and user defined offset values and triggers defined sounds on the occurrence of offset changes.  Examples are:

- Gear down / up
- Flaps transition
- Radio altimeter callouts
- Aural warnings (e.g. fire bell, take-off configuration warning, gear configuration

Basically pmSounds does not require the PM suite. It can also run in a different setup with the exception of some events which are triggered directly by internal communication between pmSounds and other PM modules.

In have setup 3 instances of pmSounds, which are running on 3 different computers:

Computer Sound Category

System Announcements + mechanical sounds (e.g.
brake sound, gear-up/down, flaps, wiper, etc...).
Speakers are located inside the electronic cabinet.


Aircraft typical mechanical sounds, like gear down / up as
input to the tactile sound system.

Admin PC PM (pilot monitoring) callouts (such as v1, v2, .....).

Speakers are located on flight deck platform.

Another pmSounds instance is planned for cabin announcements.

Project Maganta: (Registration required)

FSUIPC offers access to a wide range of the Prepar3D process data via so-called offsets. Some add-on software is also using FSUIPC offsets to communicate with each other and with the Prepar3D.

Furthermore FSUIPC offers a broad collection of functionality to assign actions depending on key and axis states, axis calibration, weather optimization, logging and much more helpful functions.

Via WideServer the offset range of FSUIPC can be accessed from clients with a wideClient installation.


WideFS Server / WideFS Client
The WideFS client / server package by Peter Dowson links FS utilities over a LAN, so that you can run flight simulator add-on's and glass cockpit software on separate PCs. The programs can communicate via WideFS with FSUIPC and the MS Flight Simulator as they would be installed on the FS Server itself. Further WideFS offers additional functionalities, like virtual buttons, transferring keystrokes (e.g. sending PTT to TeamSpeak installed on a client PC), starting and closing programs.  

WideClients are installed on all client PC's. WideServer.dll is installed and running as part of Prepar3D. The server services the messages and requests from the WideClient 's and interfaces them directly into FSUIPC, which must also be installed.

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Last Change:February 12, 2013