Software Configuration

pmCDU and pmMCP
Both software modules are running on a small PC with a Mini-ITX Motherboard. The computer is placed near the CDU display units. Both CDU's are based on the 'old' FDS design. As MCP I use an 'old' RS232 version of the CPflight MCP. Both software modules are running very reliable.  Once in a while the navigation data need an update. The data update is provided by Navigraph. Every 28 day a new cycle is published. Not for free, but for an acceptable price.

pmCDU is sharing data, e.g. aircraft file, METAR request, and weather radar images, with other components via the NetDir directory, which is typically setup on the same computer as pmCDU is installed.

pmSystems is the heart of the flight deck and simulates the complex system logic of the aircraft. pmSystems interacts with the controls and indicators of the overhead, the six-pack, and the fire panel. Moreover pmSystems communicates with the glass cockpit, the MCP, the CDU over an own TCP/IP based data link and through FSUIPC with the Microsoft flight simulator and add-ons. pmSystems is a very sofisticated but not fully perfected. There is some room for improvement, e.g. the logic of the electrical bus systems and the hydraulics system.

The utility provides the METAR data for the CDU on pilot request and the satellite image for the weather radar. For the weather radar PM uses the NASA radar image, available on the internet. Unfortunately NASA does not provide the satellite image for Europe and Asia anymore for quite some time. However, I was not affected by this problem because I'm using SA_WX1.6 for the generation of the weather radar image, which generates the radar image from the FS weather. Meanwhile i do not use pmGetWeather anymore for the METAR data. I compiled an own utility, I call it 'GetMETAR' which gets the requested METAR data from the 'ActiveSky 2012' current weather snapshot'. For more Information click 'here'.

SA_WX1.6 Weather Radar
SA_WX1.6 is a simulation of the Collins WXR2100 weather radar equipment. SA_WX generates very realistic the weather radar image out of the FS9 weather data and exports the image to the NetDir of Project Magenta. With the weather radar set to ON the radar sweep is displayed at the Navigation Display. Unfortunately there is no official source anymore to buy the program. The topic has been discussed several times at It is also discussed that the author supposedly has issued a freeware license code after he had withdrawn the program. Search for 'sa_wxr.lic' at the forum of Needs some research, but its worth because to my knowledge there is no alternative program available.

Generation of the weather radar image by SA_WX. The image is based on data from the 'Current Weather Snap Shot'. The generated image is then stored in the PM NetDir. Pick-up of the image by the PM glass cockpit software.

- Management of the Forward Panel controls and indicators, e.g. auto brake selector,
  display unit selectors, gear lever with lights, light test, display unit intensity control,
  ground proximity controls, and miscellaneous annunciator lights.
- ADFS indicators for A/P, A/T, and FMC
- SYS-TEST sound control (G/S + Pull Up + Wind Shear)*
- Braking sound control*
- Steering sound control*
GPWS Mode  4A - 4B - 5
- BRAKE ACCU PRESS for brake accumulator gauge

For more information regarding FSSymphony click: here

* in combination with pmSounds

SIOC Script
With the project growing also the SIOC script has grown over the years, from a few lines to several hundred lines. The most extensive part of the script deals with the FWD Overhead and pmSystems offsets. Other parts of the script are controlling the following functional areas:

- AFT Forward Panel (radios for communication and navigation, weather radar,
  transponder, fire panel, push back control, radio management, PTT control for IvAp.
- Miscellaneous functions, e.g. Power-On and 'Cold and Dark' management


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Last Change: February 12, 2013