Software Configuration


Software Package / Add-On Description PC
FSPS Boeing 737NG FIRE SYSTEM Fire panel logic Admin PC*
Active Sky 2012 Weather engine Admin PC
IVAO IvAp User Interface IVAO pilots client Admin PC
Dolomynum Online traffic information (legacy product) Admin PC + Notebook
TeamSpeak IVAO voice communication Admin PC
Instructor Station by Luis Gordo Instructor console for aircraft positioning, failure simulation, and  weather manipulation Admin PC
TOPCAT Weight, balance, and performance calculation Admin PC
Save Your Flight Internet based flight log Admin PC
AES Remote Remote control for airport ground services. Currently not used due to incompatibility with Prepar3D FS Server
WideFS Client Links FS utilities over a LAN All client PCs, except Notebook
SIOC Script Overhead,AFTelectronic panel, and other functions PM_SYS
GetMETAR Retrieves 'current weather snapshot' from AS2012 for CDU PM_FMC
SA_WXR Version 1.6 Weather Radar (legacy product) PM_FMC

Admin PC*: Programs installed on Admin PC due to some performance issues with PM_SYS computer

Project Magenta 737 Suite
The B737 suite from Project Magenta is running on 3 PC's with dedicated tasks. The footprint of the software modules are small and from the perspective of performance probably all modules could run on one singe PC. But this would require several graphics adapter in one PC in order to drive all the display units, like PDF, ND, EICAS and so forth. I decided not to go this way and installed instances of the  Project Magenta glass cockpit software (pfd.exe) on 2 computers, instead of dealing with several graphics adapter in one single machine. On one more computer mcp.exe and cdu.exe are running.

PC Function Description
PM_PFD_ND - PFD and ND for Captain
  and First Officer
2 instances of pfd.exe running on this computer. Each instance of pfd.exe is servicing one set of combined displays (PFD and ND).
PM_SYS - EICAS (Upper and Lower)

- PM Systems

2 instances of pfd.exe running on this computer, one for the upper EICAS and another instance for the Lower EICAS. Furthermore pmSystems resides on that PC.
PM_FMC - CDU, MCP cdu.exe and mcp.exe
*PFD = Primary Flight Display, ND = Navigation Display, EICAS = Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System, CDU = Central Display Unit, MCP = Mode Control Panel

Glass Cockpit (PFD/ND/EICAS)
The PFD (Primary Flight Display), ND (Navigation Display), and EICAS (Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System) are making up the glass cockpit. The pfd.exe of Project Magenta can drive either of those display units, depending on the configuration. For each display unit or combination of displays one instance of pfd.exe has to run on the assigned computer.

PFD and ND Display of the first officer side

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Last Change: February 12, 2013