Power Supply

Power Consumption
The calculation of the power consumption is not so difficult at all and can be mastered easily even if you are not an electrician.

Power consumption of my system:

Component Power Consumption [Watt] Quantity Overall


FS Server 250 1 250
Client Computers 120 2 240
Admin Computer 140 1 140
FMC Computer 50 1 50
Back-up Server 50 1 50
Electronic compartment and forward panel TFT monitors 240 1 240
Overhead 25 1 25
Projectors 290 3 870
Network and USB Devices 150 1 150
Pedestal 30 1 30
Master sound System 30 1 30
Miscellaneous 100 1 100
Total     2.175

With the knowledge of the total power consumption the current can be calculated by means of the following formula:

     (A) Ampere =  (W) Watt
                             (V) Volt

For the example above the required line current would be ~ 9.5 amps with a line voltage of 230V. It is always a good idea to have a dedicated power lines to the flight simulator. This makes the simulator independent of other consumers and improves reliability.

Economical Considerations
Depending on the setup and the anual usage the operating cost of the flight deck can become a significant part of the household energy budget.

Assuming that the flight deck is ~ 350 hours in operation / year, power consumption as above ~ 2.200 watts, then the total consumption of electrical energy will be ~ 770 KWh / year. Calculated with the present electricity tariff in the area where I live means roughly 195,- Euro per year for electrical energy.

230V AC power outlet for auxiliary devices. One more outlet is located behind the tiller coloumn and used for the cockpit notebook.










Last Change: September 2011