Power Supply

  Permanent Power Switched Power
+ 5V - OC interface cards (MIP,
  AFT electronic panel, overhead)

- Overhead
+ 12V - Overhead, AFT electronic panel

- Fans (for cooling the
  electronic compartment
  behind the MIP)
- MIP backlit

- Backlit Control stand (throttle) 
230V AC - Mains adapters for USB

- Mains adapters for sound

- FMC computer

- IvAp monitor

- Outlets on flight deck floor
- Mains adapters for display
  units with 12V supply
- Mains adapters for CDUs and

- Display units with 230V
  line connector

- Mains adapter control stand


The concept with a switched power supply makes the flight deck really dark as long as the battery switch is in its 'OFF' position. With this solution the display units are really switched off with the cockpit in the COLD state and not only blanked by software. It also supports the approach of a 'green flight deck' because as long as the battery switch is 'OFF' the power consumption of the flight deck is quite low.

Overview of the flight simulator power supplies. For simplification the neutral line wiring and the protective earth is not shown in the circuit diagram.

Regarding safety aspects for dealing with 230V mains voltage or whatever the local mains voltage is in your country, click 'here'.

Computer Rack
The power supply of the computer rack is much easier. The rack has its own 16A automatic circuit breaker (L2) in the house mains distributor. The challenge was to avoid a trip of the circuit breaker with switch in, because the inrush current of 4 computers and data projector at the same time can become quite high. The solutions was a switch-in suppression circuit, as shown in the picture below.

Switch-in suppression circuit for computer rack and data projectors

Conrad: http://www.conrad.de/ Search for 'Thalheimer TEB 02/S Einschaltstrombegrenzer', Best.-Nr.: 510830 - 62  

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