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Backup and Disaster Recovery
When it comes to information security and system care, one of the most important measure is to have an implemented concept for regular and reliable data backups. No matter how well you treat your flight simulator, no matter how much care you take, you cannot guarantee that your data will be safe if it exists in only one place. 

The software setup of a flight deck is quite complicated and over the time one or the other ad-on was installed and integrated, the configuration was changed, and many other software related things were done in order to optimize the system. To recover all this in case of a computer or software crash can easily become a nightmare. For this reason I decided to invest in a reliable and easy to manage backup and disaster recovery system.

The Acer Aspire easyStore H341 Home Server used as backup system for all PC's of the flight simulator. The external USB drive acts as backup device for the project data which are stored as user documents on the H341.

My choice was an Acer Aspire easyStore H341 Home Server. The Acer is easy to install and the configuration can be managed in the twinkling of an eye. The server backups the files on a daily base und does a 3 month backup management (or whatever you configure). Even in case of a hard disk crash it is easy to re-install the partition images without pain. I practised this already once and it was really easy and worked perfect.



















Last Change: September 2011