IVAO Software Configuration

For the voice communication between air traffic controllers and pilots TeamSpeak is used. After the program installation some configuration regarding the used sound device, microphone, speaker, and log-on parameter is required. TeamSpeak has to run on the PC with the IvAp user interface installation. TeamSpeak gets started automatically from IvAp. With selecting a station frequency, e.g. EDDF Tower, TeamSpeak gets the parameter (tuned frequency) directly from IvAp and acts accordingly with the selection of the required channel. Usually TeamSpeak does not need any user interaction during an on-line flight. The program is working silent in the background. 

Press-to-Talk Push Button
The exciting question is how to get the signal from the PTT (Press-to-talk) push button to the remote computer routed. Thanks to Peter Dowson it needs only some configuration in FSUIPC and in the widefs.in file of the remote PC.

Add this to the widefs.in file 'User Section' of the Remote PC and save it:

KeySend1=123,16 ; Press F12
KeySend2=123,24 ; Release F12


Then open 'Buttons' page of FSUIPC, press the button on the joystick that you want to act as the PPT button for Channel 1, and then click in the box ‘Select for FS control’ and do the configuration as shown.

Finally make sure that F12 is configured in TeamSpeak for the 'Push to Talk' function.

The ''Buttons' page of FSUIPC. The keysend functionality is used to send a key pressed / released message to the widefs clients. The client with the modified ini file will interpret this as F12 pressed / released.

Dolomynum (also known as DLMN) is an independent and lightweight tool that shows the status of the online flying networks such as IVAO and VATSIM. It is open source, and distributed under the GPL (General Public License). The tool is comparable with 'The Eye' of IVAO but has a much smaller footprint. Unfortunately the program does not seem to be maintained anymore. The recent version 1.25 can still be found on several download location at the Internet, e.g. FSnordic.net. I have installed the program twice, at the Admin PC for the flight preparation and on the cockpit notebook for inflight purposes.

IVAO on-line situation. The picture was taken during the IVAO EDDF Real
Flight Event, 25.06.2011

IVAO Webeye

Recently IVAO has launched the beta version of a brand new service which allows to view airborne traffic and online ATC services on an interactive map. The service is WEB based, which means that you do not have to install any application on your PC. The appearance is similar the flightradar24 service, which allows tracking of the real live air traffic.

IVAO online situation in the Europe virtual airspace

Discover this new add-on at http://webeye.ivao.aero.

Last Change: December 21, 2011