IVAO Software Configuration

IvAp Line Key Selection
For the selection of ATIS and other relevant IvAp functions I use a stylus for the line key selection on the touchscreen. Optional it is possible to do it with the mouse pointer. Depends on flight situation and sometimes depends on the mood whether I use the stylus or the mouse pointer.

8" touchscreen with IvAp user interface, mounted on top of the MIP.
At first glance the monitor seems to be a little bit oversized, but needed to display the IFR flight plan template and the log-on screen.

Multi PC Configuration
The IvAp user interface can either run on the FS Server or on a remote computer (Multi PC Configuration). If the user interface is running on a remote computer it requires a bit more installation and configuration effort. For a long time I had IvAp running on the FS Server. The  touchscreen with the user interface was assigned as monitor no. 2 in a dual monitor configuration. After the installation of the 3 projector setup with the Matrox "TrippleHead2Go" I got into some problems with the touch screen calibration. By this reason I moved the IvAp user interface to the Admin PC and the touchscreen now is assigned as 2nd monitor to this PC.

In order to start IvAp as silent as possible I did the following set-up:

- The IvAp 'Message Router' (IVAP.EXE) is started automatically on
   the FS Server during the FS9 start phase from an entry in the
   FSUIPC.ini file

- The IvAp user interface (usrhost.exe) on the remote PC is started
   automatically when the FS9 application is ready from a 'RunifReady'
   entry in the widefs.ini file of the remote PC.

IVAP.EXE coordinates all messages between the different parts of IvAp and is displaying the four red/green status lights in the Windows system tray.

From Flight Simulator menu choose IVAO, then IvAp. This will start the multiplayer session and everything else should be loaded automatically.

Keyboard and Mouse Management
In a few operational cases a keyboard or mouse is required for IvAp user interface operations, e.g. making late changes to the flight plan. I had already a keyboard and a mouse in the cockpit, used for the FS Server. An additional keyboard and mouse for the IvAp user interface, which runs on an other computer would not have been appreciated. The solution was a small WINDOWS application called 'Input Director'. This application allows to control multiple networked Windows systems using the keyboard / mouse attached to one the computers. Transitioning to the other computer / monitor takes place immediately when the cursor hits the edge of the screen. The tool is free for personal non-commercial use.

Input Director: http://www.inputdirector.com/

Multiplayer Traffic Library (MTL)
The MTL is a structured library built from high quality AI models. The MTL is included in the IvAp installation, this will install all available models. The library contains popular real-life company liveries and Virtual Airline liveries flying on the IVAO network. The installation will be performed on the FS Server. In a Multi PC Configuration a reference 'mtl.dat' has to be copied to the IvAp installation directory of the remote PC. The MTL library provides you with the flight models necessary that you can see the planes of other online pilots in your FS scenery.

Mostly I use B738BERWL, Air Berlin (winglets) as reference in the IVAO flight plan, so that other people at IVAO can see my aircraft as B737-800W with Air Berlin livery. Image source: IVAO

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Last Change: August 2011