Tactile Sound

I bought the 70W amplifier from Conrad Electronic. Was not cheap but works perfect for me. If you plan to build a similar system you should think about a little bit more powerful amplifier. As I mentioned it works perfect, but in some situations it would be nice to have extra power available, e.g. with the landing bump.

70W mono amplifier and dedicated power supply.

The input of the amplifier is fed by the output of the sound mixer. The level of the input signal is adjusted with the sum control of the audio mixer.

Power Supply for Amplifier
The amplifier gets the 12V operating voltage from a dedicated power supply. This was necessary in order to avoid voltage drops on the common 12V power supply with high bass loads.

12V / 8.5A power supply from Reichelt Elektronik. Input voltage 230V






Reichelt Elektronik: http://www.reichelt.de/















Last Change: August 2011